Water Conservation Tips for Pools and Spas

water usage

Written by Ronald Hathcock

August 24, 2023

In a time of unprecedented drought, people are hesitant to build pools for fear of wasting water. But believe it or not, pools are not water wasters. Water is a key element in our recreation and our health. And pools are a staple of living in California. And there are several swimming pool builders there that are experts.

A pool that is properly maintained will use significantly less water per day than an irrigated lawn. It has been estimated that the water used in a pool will use only one third of the water that a lawn of the same area will use. Items such as solar pool covers and solid pool covers can reduce evaporation loss significantly.

Hot Tubs and Water

And hot tubs are not water wasters either. An average household uses about 380 gallons of water per day. And hot tubs consume less than one percent of that. Properly managed hot tubs can cut water consumption significantly. In reasonable time the chemical elements of a spa break down and can then be used in other areas, like watering plants.

When you look at the costs and compare them to the benefits of having a spa, the benefits win. The value of the rest and relaxation can be incredibly high.

So, with a little effort pool owners can minimize the impact their swimming pools have on the environment.

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