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Are you considering a new swimming pool? If so, then take a look at some of these pool builders below.

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Are you considering a new swimming pool? If so, then take a look at some of these pool builders below.

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Building Pools in Charlotte

Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Anthony & Sylvan has been designing and building pools for over 75 years. They specialize in quality inground swimming pools and spas.

They are some of the most trusted swimming pool builders in the country.

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Located in Matthews

Sunmar Construction

Sunmar Construction specializes in custom swimming pools and the areas surrounding them. In addition to pools, they build spas, kitchens, cabanas and fireplaces. If you have something else you want created then just ask. They will let you know what they can do.

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Serving Charlotte and The Surrounding Areas

Aloha Pools

Aloha Pools is a custom pool builder that serves the areas in and around Charlotte, NC. They specialize in the design and construction of pools. They also design and build other features the compliment the pools like hardscapes, water falls, decking and more.

Swimming Pool Designs

Professional swimming pools builders offer a wide range of choices for swimming pools. From rectangular lap pools to pools with flowing curves, our pool builders can create the design you want.


Charlotte swimming pool builders can create spas that compliment your pool. There are many benefits to owning a spa. From stress reduction to the relieving of various sources of pain. It will help a range of problem spots on your body.

Pool Lighting

There are a wide range of options available when it comes to lighting your pool. They can create a feel and look that is unique and compliments the areas surrounding your pool. These Charlotte swimming pool builders have years of experience and can show you a range of examples on what pool lighting can do for you.

Types of Swimming Pools

Different swimming pool builders create different pool types. Some pools are above ground, some are below ground. Some are made of concrete, some are made of fiberglass. Look through the websites of the pool builders above to find the builder for your swimming pool.

Extras with Charlotte swimming pool builders

Swimming Pool Resurfacing

If you have an old swimming pool, then at some point that swimming pool is going to need to be resurfaced. So, when your pool looks worn and old give a swimming pool professional a can and see how they can make your pool look like new again.

Designer Pool Tiles

The walls, floors and steps of your swimming pool can give a unique and stylish look that sets off it’s look. There is a wide selection of designer tiles available. Different colors, patterns and finishes give you a wide range of options when you are making your choice.

Charlotte Swimming Pool Builders

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Charlotte Swimming Pool Builders

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