Keep Animals Out Or Your Pool

Frog in a pool

Written by Kamden Leigh

September 11, 2022

The Attraction of Water

Just like us, animals are attracted to water. And they don’t know the difference between what is, to them, good water and bad water. The good water they are looking for is not the water loaded with chemicals that is in your pool. And you don’t want them in your pool. So here is a chance for a win-win situation. And all it will take is a little bit of effort on your end.

Manage Trees and Other Foliage

Animals are always looking for places to hide. And trees make a great hiding place for many animals. So that’s where a lot of them will go. And when they get there, they will likely fall out on occasion. And if your pool is underneath, then they have a problem. To avoid this situation it is advisable to keep your landscaping and tree overhangs away from your pool.

Cover Your Pool

Another item that can be effective in keeping animals out of you pool is to keep it covered when you are not using it. A good, durable cover can be excellent at keeping small animals out and it serves as a safety net for them. A good cover will be able to withstand small claw scratching.


You probably have some items around your house that can be used as deterrents. They can help with a range of animals, but not all wildlife. One item is diluted vinegar. It is uploeasent to many animals and it can be easily sprayed around you pool. Citric acids, like lemon juice, can also work. Their acidity is an element that most small animals steer clear of. And you may want to consider used coffee grounds. Sprinkling these around your pool area can also deter wildlife. .

Swimming Pool Cover

Keeping animals out of you pool serves you and it serves them. It can save their lives and it can keep your pool area cleaner and more attractive.

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